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Macon Technologies specializes in office networks for small to medium sized offices. Each of our network installations are designed specifically for the needs of each of our customers. We realize how heavily you depend on your network. We strive to increase the quality of or service by preventing problems before they occur.

We will gladly schedule a visit with you at no cost to determine your needs and the proper solution for your business. Call us today at 336.328.4550 or email us. Let's determine the best way to make technology work for you and your business.

An office network from Macon Technologies can provide:

1. A central repository for documents.

2. The ability to share a single internet connection with all your employees.

3. The ability to share documents among your employees.

4. Network security

5. Expandability

6. A single source for backup of all your important documents.

7. Nightly backup of important information.

8. Share printers and other peripherals.