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Macon Technologies provides network support for small to medium sized offices. We provide service on an hourly basis. We also provide monthly service plans to take the surprise out of your monthly network costs.

You have enough surprises to deal with in business. Your monthly IT cost doesn't have to be one. Let us manage your computer and network issues so you can focus on managing your business. With a managed network solution, we can focus on preventing problems before they happen. This increases the uptime of your network and your business.

Our monthly plans include multiple on-site visits, off-site backup services, emergency visits and phone support. We will gladly schedule a visit with you at no cost to determine your needs and the proper solution for your business. Call us today at 336.328.4550 or email us. Let's determine the best way to make technology work for you and your business.

Our network support department can provide:

1. Periodic off-site backup.

2. On-site repair.

3. Software and Operating System updates.

4. Security audits.

5. Nightly backup monitoring.

6. Anti-virus updates and monitoring.

7. Email maintenance.

8. Network troubleshooting.