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In all things we do, our goal is simple. Make technology work for YOU. This same goal applies to our website design services. Our experience as a builder of quality websites ensures you will be completely satisfied with your web presence. Your website will be designed and created using technology that clearly gets your message across.

We focus on small to medium sized businesses and organizations that simply need a clear and informative website. Our customers are not trying to win web design awards. They don't want to spend a fortune on bleeding edge technology and a graphic design team. They realize, just as we do, that their money is better spent on a clear and concise web presence that doesn't cost a fortune.

Too often we see:

Customers intimidated by the web site creation process.

From the selection of your domain, to general design questions, to the completed site, we'll take you through the entire process. We will establish a budget for the site, determine the main goals the site should accomplish and stay in contact with you during the entire process. We aren't satisfied with the site until you are satisfied.

Astronomical quotes for web design

We understand one of the main goals for your site is to improve your bottom line, not hurt it. We will quote your site based on exactly what you need and nothing more.

Our goals for your website are simple:

1. Create a site that clearly gets your message out to current and potential customers.

2. Inform your customers and allow them to communicate with you.

3. Do it for a reasonable price.

4. Design your site for ease of use.


Our Recent Clients

Landmark Real Estate

Landmark Properties of the Carolinas

Landmark Properties of the Carolinas needed a website to showcase their local and statewide real estate listings.

Dr. Grant Haviland, D.D.S., P.A.

Dr. Haviland wanted a website to introduce himself and his staff to the Piedmont triad area of North Carolina.

Trollinger Real Estate

Trollinger Real Estate is focused on selling properties to the Asheboro, North Carolina area.

New-R Bodies Fitness Center

A full service fitness center in Asheboro, North Carolina. They also specialize in Physical Rehabilitation.

Asheboro Alarm and Electric

Asheboro Alarm and Electric is a full service alarm and electrical services company. They needed a website to inform existing and potential customers of their services.